Finding Peaks Episodes

Episode 70

Episode 70 – Tim Schurrer On The Secret Society of Success

In this episode, we are privileged to have a special guest, Tim Shurrer, CEO of David Novak Leadership, author of “The Secret Society of Success,” and host of the “Build a Winning Team” podcast. We dive into his book, which examines how to be successful. We often think we have to step into the spotlight or climb the ladder, but his book “The Secret Society of Success” introduces a new way to define success counter to what culture sells. And when you learn to live in this new way, you’ll start to enjoy your work and life again.

Episode 69

Episode 69 – The Importance of Work-Life Balance

What does your work-life balance look like for yourself? In this episode, we dive into a unique conversation about the importance of refining your work-life balance, or for better words, work and wellness balance. We touch on the barriers and opportunities behavioral health professionals experience while finding that balance in walking with those who struggle with mental health and substance use disorders.

Episode 64

Episode 64 – An Authentic Recovery Story

On this episode we are joined by a very special guest, Silven Wolf, who has overcome addiction and created a fulfilled life through helping others find their genuine path to recovery within Peaks Recovery, as well as in the Colorado Springs community. He opens up about the successes and triumphs, but also about common trials every person can relate to.

Episode 62

Episode 62 – Finding Hope Through Fitness

This is such an exciting episode with two special guests, Nick Wells from Redemption Road Crossfit, and Dan Hugill who is now Peaks Recovery’s Activities Director. These two humble men tell their inspiring stories of overcoming addiction, the prison system, and difficult life challenges. They share how they both found purpose within the fitness and Crossfit world helping other struggling individuals change their lives for the better.