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Episode 108

Episode 108: Catching Up with KK Fearless

In this episode, Chris Burns brings Jason Friesema to welcome back our returning special guest, KK Fearless! Brooke Perez, founder and President of KK Fearless, sits down with our team and her mom, Melinda Jackson, to speak on their experiences leading up to the creation of KK Fearless, share respect and memories for the ones they have lost, as well as advocating for Bothe the individuals in recovery and their families.

Episode 106

Episode 106: Nowhere to Run with Montee Ball

In this episode, Jason Friesema brings Chris Burns onto the show to speak with our special guest, Montee Ball, former Denver Broncos running back and the University of Wisconsin, hall of fame player. Montee shares his experience playing football at a professional level as well as the dark side of fame that comes from success. Montee shares vulnerability with his struggles with addiction and provides moments in his life that he considers “the basement” of his rock bottom and what he did to make his way back. Montee is a beacon of hope for athletes in recovery and many recovery communities. Find Montee’s book, “Nowhere to Run,” on Amazon for more information.

Episode 104

Episode 104: Understanding Psychedelics and Natural Medicine

In this episode, Brandon Burns brings on special guest Ismail Ali, JD, Director of Policy and Advocacy at MAPS, to speak on natural medicine and the use of psychedelics throughout history. Ismail shares observations regarding the legalization of natural medicine as well as what it truly means to have decriminalized substances being used in medical settings. This episode welcomes a debate over a prevalent topic to share knowledge, spark curiosity, or bring general awareness to the situation. To learn more about MAPS, check out

Episode 102

Episode 102: Emotional Transformation Therapy with Coastwise Counseling

In this episode, Jason Friesema brings Chris Burns on to welcome our special guest, Steve Taus, with Coastwise Counseling Center. Steve brings the concept of Emotional Transformative Therapy to the show, explaining the modality’s uses, benefits, and successes and opening a deeper discussion into plant-based medicine in treatment. This episode is packed with information and energy as our team shares thoughts and open discussions with Steve Taus. To find more information on Steve and Coastwise Counseling, check out