What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety disorders are a form of mental illness that causes people to experience distressing and frequent bouts of fear and apprehension. Anxiety disorder is a diagnosis that encompasses one or more very different conditions. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, you may feel varying degrees of stress and distress that can prevent you from enjoying a normal life. Constant fear, worry, and the feeling of being completely overwhelmed are common complaints and can amount to a crippling disability.

Types of Anxiety

Anxiety person

Anxiety disorder is a diagnosis that encompasses one or more very different conditions. Symptoms can range from moderate and occasional to severe and constantly present.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Social Anxiety
Panic Disorders
Separation Anxiety Disorder
Selective Mutism
Agoraphobia (fear of open spaces)

Symptoms of Anxiety

If you have anxiety disorder, you may feel uncomfortable or anxious much of the time, or your episodes may be brief and intense. These episodes may come on for no discernable reason. You may have feelings that are so distressing that you will go out of your way to avoid activities and routines that cause you to feel this way.

Symptoms of anxiety might include:

Inability to concentrate
Fidgeting, sometimes uncontrollable
Wild mood swings
Difficulty sleeping or staying asleep
Seeking constant reassurance
Obsessive list making
Constant procrastination

Individuals with other anxiety disorders might experience other symptoms such as avoidance, excessive reactions, irrational fear, or heart palpations.

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We Treat The Addiction
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An Integrated Approach With Dual Recovery

When treating co-occurring disorders, great care must be taken to properly diagnose the patient’s complex condition and the equally demanding recovery. There are numerous therapies based on solid research that has proven to be effective in treating those with mental illness as well as addiction. Our team is capable of treating both issues comprehensively and concurrently. This will often involve a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychopharmacology, family therapy, and others in order to ensure that each component of the disorder is treated effectively; biological, psychological, and social.

Anxiety Treatment: What To Expect At Peaks Recovery


Comprehensive assessment
Detailed treatment plan
24-hour staffing
Dedicated medical team
Psychiatric support
Medication management
Daily physician visits


Individual Therapy
Small-Group Sessions
Recreational Therapy
Life Skills Development
Peer Support
12 Step meetings & support
Holistic Healing


Culinary Team
Transportation in program
Case management & discharge planning
Beautiful campus style living environment
Family support

Peaks Recovery Centers exclusive approach to inpatient treatment empowers men and women to leave drugs and alcohol behind them. Whether you are looking for alcohol rehab, drug rehab, our rehab program helps individuals learn and invest in new life practices, therefore they can restore and reclaim their lives.
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