TMS Therapy

TMS Therapy for Mental Health Disorders

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

How Does TMS work?

Certain parts of your brain are responsible for mood regulation. TMS activates parts of the brain with magnetic pulses. Specifically, with individuals suffering from depression, those parts of the brain are known to be underactive. TMS can increase the brain’s capacity to regulate mood, aiding depression symptoms.

tms therapy

What Does TMS Help Treat?

Major Depression Disorder
Smoking Cessation

These three diagnoses are the only FDA-cleared therapies at this time. There is more research being done every day.

Innovative Care

TMS has been FDA-cleared since 2008.
TMS therapy is non-invasive and non-sedating. You can drive yourself to and from a treatment session and go back to your regular daily plans.
TMS therapy specifically targets depression at the source and is much different than medications that could have possible side effects on other parts of your body.
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A Typical Treatment Course

A TMS Therapy course can vary, though a typical treatment course consists of:

Anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks in length
5 treatments a week
Sessions are 15-30 minutes long

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