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Peaks Recovery is committed to our client’s long-term recovery by offering an ambulatory level of care. Each person’s recovery journey is unique and providing IOP services allows us to further your recovery success, whether you are transitioning out of our Residential Program or admitting from somewhere else.

Our IOP Locations

Peaks Recovery provides comprehensive IOP services in:

Colorado Springs, Colorado as well as Denver, CO.

What is IOP?

Intensive Outpatient Treatment is an in-person substance use disorder and dual diagnosis (integrated) treatment that occurs at Peaks’ center. Unlike our inpatient residential program, IOP allows you to live at home, work, and be active in the community while strengthening your recovery with IOP. Also, IOP requires a higher frequency of contact with a treatment provider than common outpatient services. IOP requires a minimum of 9 hours a week dispersed over 3 – 5 days.

Reasons For IOP

You are coming back from a short relapse and are in need of fine-tuning and recovery support.
You are interested in achieving a successful recovery, but your drug use or drinking does not meet the criteria for inpatient treatment.
You have recently completed an inpatient program and your aftercare plan includes intensive outpatient services in order to achieve and maintain your recovery lifestyle.
You’re finding the aftercare plan given to you did not meet your needs and might be feeling fearful of a relapse.

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What makes our IOP Program different?

Our goal for our IOP Program is to pave the way for a new standard of ambulatory services. We take careful thought and consideration into what is truly needed to have a successful recovery, therefore, our IOP Program includes the below benefits that other general IOP programs do not:

Certified Peer Recovery Coach guidance
Access to our private MAT Program (Medication-Assisted Treatment)
Individual therapy availability

Certified Peer Recovery Coaches

In addition to our IOP Program group sessions, Peaks Recovery provides individuals with a Certified Peer Recovery Coach in order to strengthen their community integration skills. While our IOP group therapy provides psychological and emotional support to better behavior and patterns, the Peer Recovery Coach provides guidance in:

How to acquire needed resources, such as job interviews, finding other AA meetings, etc.
How do find basic necessities and complete daily tasks, such as establishing housing, grocery shop, or setting up bank accounts
Helping the individual find professional services, such as doctors, lawyers, psychologists, etc.
Function as an advocate outside of treatment
Help set personal goals
Sharing knowledge in experiences and lessons
Provide encouragement, support, praise, and motivation through hope and inspiration

What We Treat

Alcohol Addiction

Completing an alcohol treatment program can be difficult. We can provide you with the necessary tools to overcome alcohol addiction.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction requires precise treatment in order to break physical dependency. We can provide stabilization and integration to overcome any drug addiction.

Dual Diagnosis (Integrated Treatment)

Our integrated program is able to address COD’s (co-occurring disorders) and provide specific services for both to successfully achieve dual recovery.

Trauma Disorders

Trauma disorders alone are a group of disorders that are directly related to stressors that you might experience as a result of one or more experiences of a traumatic event.

Mental Health Disorders

We provide treatment for individuals who are solely experiencing a mental health disorder, without suffering from an addiction.

94% Satisfaction rate

of Peaks’ clients are either very satisfied or satisfied with our Treatment Programs

*Data statistics based on the dates 01/01/2021 – 4/30/2022, and out of 1,172 surveys. Data collected by Vista Research Group.

*All calls and forms are 100% confidential and HIPAA compliant

Benefits of our IOP Program

Relapse prevention
Provides the additional time and space for family healing
Continues to build an individual’s strength in community
Provides a sense of accountability with fellow recovery peers
Allows individuals to implement skill sets learned within residential treatment

Peaks Recovery IOP Program

3 Evening Groups Per Week

Peaks’ IOP Program consists of 3 evening group sessions a week, each being 3 hours long (as IOP requires a minimum of 9 hours a week).

Licensed & Master Level Clinician

Each group will be lead by one of our own clinicians who are all master level and have years of experience guiding those in recovery.

Additional Support for Therapy

Our Peaks team provides guidance in finding a suitable therapist for additional individual therapy sessions if needed.

Drug & Alcohol Detox

Inpatient Rehab

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