Treatment Aftercare

Even After Treatment, We Are By Your Side

We know the days and weeks after receiving addiction or mental health treatment are demanding and influential to a successful long-term recovery. Though it can be daunting, our case management team provides guidance and support, so you don’t have to transition alone.

The Goals of Our Continuing Care Program

Transitioning to life after a residential rehab program is a massive step for clients. Our clinical and case management team work hard for individuals for them to accomplish these transitionary goals:

  • Continuing recovery
  • Maintaining stability with medication and ongoing therapy
  • Developing vocational skillsets
  • Mastering community living
  • Deepening psychological awareness
  • Assuming increasing responsibility
  • Obtaining employment
  • Working through family obstacles
  • Applying changes in values, identity, and lifestyle
goals of continued care
dedicated case manager

Dedicated Case Manager

A clinical case manager is matched with each individual once they enter our inpatient or residential program.
Each case manager gets to know each individual client to better prepare the next step after our higher levels of care.
Weekly meeting to allow the client and case manager to discuss interests and needs.

3 essential features to ensure effective continuity of care:


between an individual’s primary treatment and ancillary services


transitions as individuals move through the needed levels of care (e.g. inpatient to IOP)


between the individual’s past and present treatment episodes

A Strong Network of Recovery Support

While Peaks is an essential piece of the recovery journey, we know that it is just the beginning. We have spent years building an established referral network of post-stabilization services and ambulatory programs. As clients near the end of their treatment with us, we make sure to stay connected and provide continued support.

support network
benefits to our case managers

Benefits of Our Aftercare Program

Helps locate needed community support meetings
Facilitates a seamless transition from our Inpatient & Residential Programs to an appropriate next level of care.
Begins the re-establishment of personal responsibility
Instills positive and effective models of communication, expectations, and boundaries.
Offers continued guidance and support
Improves success towards long term recovery

Options For Continued Care

Peaks Recovery will ensure each individual is equipped with the aftercare support to live a purposeful lifestyle. Alongside the client, our team will help determine the best aftercare option that suits your needs. These options can include the following:

Peaks PHP or IOP Program

Individuals can continue therapy with Peaks’ PHP Program or IOP Program if it fits most with their aftercare plan.

Outpatient Clinic

Aftercare option for those who need continued structure and support for their transition into independent recovery.

Community Support

Aftercare options for those who need help refining their recoveries, such as AA, NAMI, Dharma meetings, or sober living.

Individual Therapy

Aftercare option for those who need help refining their recovery.

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