Why Choose Peaks?

1. We stand by the importance of establishing a recovery foundation.

Our approach to Recovery is rooted in a directional method. We believe Recovery is an ongoing process that begins with specific steps. Peaks Recovery is the necessary first step toward a successful long-term recovery. In early recovery, it is vital to receive treatment at a licensed facility to provide the higher levels of care (DTX and RTC) needed to rebuild an individual’s foundation. We hope to provide a new level of transparency regarding our treatment to help guide you toward the best possible recovery start.

2. We recognize that successful recovery is a process.

This means that we know there is an authentic life to live after our program and that the individuals who leave our care will be continuously challenged and stretched along the way. With this in mind, we apply our curriculum and therapeutic approach to prepare our clients for their next steps. This is a meaningful pillar of our program and facilitates an entire department within our Organization. Learn More about Case Management and aftercare.

3. We understand and apply the neuroscience of addiction to better the recovery journey.

Our inpatient rehab centers address several aspects of addiction, and we’re proud to incorporate both clinical and medical approaches. Neuroscience highlights the brain’s regular contributions to substance abuse. With this medical understanding informing our clinical professionals, we can provide adequate care continuously. Within our program, individuals will find a constant union of high-level professional medical care and master-level clinical support.

4. We believe addiction to be a mental health disorder.

Our program is appropriately staffed to manage the myriad of mental health disorders that we often see accompany substance abuse. We are a comprehensive dual diagnosis and co-occurring mental health addiction treatment center. Our Model of Care l allows us to meet our client’s needs on-site appropriately. Whether the market is rooted in mental health or substance abuse, we can provide adequate care.

5. Carving a new path of growth for behavioral health Industry.

We remain firmly and unshakably committed to helping individuals struggling with mental health and/or substance use disorders. Furthermore, we strive to build a new platform of communication, education, and information for those in addiction and the loved ones around them. You will continue to see Peaks Recovery Centers pouring into educational content to inform and educate our community before promoting our centers or services. Though we wholeheartedly believe in our program and approach as the effective way to successful long-term recovery, we know there are several ways to offer help, and we look to grow this resource.

The early recovery stage is vital;
we’ll ensure you get the best possible start.

More Reasons To Choose Peaks Recovery

Peaks Recovery stands by your commitment to freeing yourself from the bonds of substance use and mental health disorders. We have a deep understanding of what it takes to establish a recovery foundation, making our addiction treatment approach a class of its own. Our team will provide you with all the necessary tools to walk through your unique recovery, healing your mind, body, and spirit along the way.

Gender Separate Programs

Our gender-separate houses eliminate common gender distractions and empower each individual’s unique recovery journey.

Trusted By Professionals

We have a strong network of treatment providers and private therapists to help support and find a suitable fit for each individual.

Our Unique Model of Care

Our Model of Care dives deeper into the understanding of what it truly takes to succeed in long term recovery.

Our Licensed Clinician Standard

Peaks Recovery’s team only consists of clinicians with Master’s Degrees or higher.

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