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Terms You Should Know

Terms You Should Know – The First Call
Terms You Should Know – Insurance
Terms You Should Know – Levels of Care

Addiction/Recovery Topics

Why Inpatient Treatment Is The Best First Step
Making An Impact In Early Recovery
An Established and Nurturing Rehab Program
24/7 Nursing at PRC Medical Detox
Medications and Treatment Plans
PRC & Neuroplasticity
PRC’s Detox Process
Inpatient vs. IOP Treatment
Types of Therapy – Motivational Interviewing
Admissions Process
Why is Detox Essential
In House Detox Benefits
Dual Diagnosis
COVID-19 Update
COVID-19 2 Update
Insights and Solutions to Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Our Stabilization Model of Care
The Importance of Stabilization Rehab
Benefits of IOP
Peaks’ IOP Services

About Peaks Recovery

A Piece of Our Story
A Caring Recovery
PRC Alumni – Win This Game
PRC Alumni – Kindness, Compassion, and Love
Why I Love This Program
Staff Appreciation
Mt. Sherman and PRC Staff

Importance Of Education
PRC Alumni – Keep Learning
Angela’s Story
My Why
Kalli’s Story


I Am…
A Caring Recovery
More Than Sober
Recovery Oasis
Rediscover You
Recovery Is A Journey
You Are Not The Enemy
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