Episode 118

Unlocking the Power to Thrive Through Biofeedback

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In this episode, Chris Burns welcomes back Dr. Jenn Holcomb from Integrative Mind and Body Wellness LLC, as well as her husband and partner Dustin Holcomb, to delve further into the cutting-edge modalities of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback. From deconstructing the physiological responses of the nervous system to speaking about regulating the heart rate and breath, this episode is full of insightful information and personal testimonies of efficacy. For more information on Integrative Mind and Body LLC, check out mindbodywellnessllc.com. For information on Positive Outcomes LLC, check out positiveoutcomesllc.com.

Talking Points

  1. Introduction to the Holcombs (0:20)
  2. Why the breath becomes compromised (2:00)
  3. Response to nervous system threats (3:45)
  4. Pushing through physiological responses without regulating (7:15)
  5. Similarities between Somatic work and neurofeedback and biofeedback (14:45)
  6. Impact of lack of good breath (16:40)
  7. Breaking generational stigmas (20:37)
  8. How biofeedback creates room for optimal performance (23:40)
  9. Looking into experiencing and managing stress (27:05)
  10. Experience at Integrative Mind and Body Wellness (36:10)
  11. Positive Outcomes LLC (39:23)
  12. Integrative Mind and Body LLC (41:06)


“Your amygdala didn’t evolve from back in the caveman days. That served a function when the threat was the saber-tooth tiger coming at you… Well now our threats are less obvious, it’s a thought. Sometimes we are not even aware of it; it’s subconscious”.
-Dr. Jenn Holcomb, Integrative Mind and Body Wellness

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