Episode 119

Recovery to Reconstruction: With Reconstruction Unlimited and Dane Ensley

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In this episode, Chris Burns sits with Dane Ensley and Brandon McArdle from Reconstruction Unlimited, a mental health coaching agency based in Beverly Hills, California. From discussing client care, family coaching, and the importance of curiosity and discipline, this episode flows with quality information and vulnerable shared life experiences. To learn more about Reconstruction Unlimited or Dane and Brandon, check out reconstructionunlimited.com.

Talking Points

  1. Meet Reconstruction Unlimited (0:23)
  2. Introduction to Dane Ensley (1:27)
  3. Introduction to Brandon McArdle (3:28)
  4. Health and wellness of a team in an organization (6:05)
  5. We can do together what we cannot do alone (6:48)
  6. Family coaching (7:15)
  7. The importance of curiosity (19:05)
  8. Timeline with Reconstruction Unlimited (19:22)
  9. Importance of discipline (26:38)
  10. Check out reconstructionunlimited.com (34:00)
  11. Danes final message (34:11)
  12. Brandons final message (35:43)


“Let’s not shy away from the truth, which is this can be a difficult process. Are you ready to do that? Clear is kind in that way, as Brene Brown would say. So I love that there is a piece to returning to that little bit of roughness and toughness. Because you need a little grit to get through this process. Because people are calling you guys or calling Peaks Recovery Centers, it’s about as much courage as anybody could ever muster up on planet Earth”.
-Chris Burns, Founder & CEO

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