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Peaks Recovery Values Your Professional Referral

Peaks Recovery knows the importance of having a strong network of recovery support. We value the built relationships we have with all the professionals who refer clients to us, as it allows us to provide the utmost care to each individual. Whether you are referring to Peaks Recovery, or we are referring to you, we make sure to include referring professionals (with each client’s consent) in every person’s treatment plan in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Is Peaks the Right Fit?

Peaks Recovery Centers might be the right fit for your client if they are suffering from a SUD and/or a Mental Health Disorder and experiencing a few of the symptoms below:

is Peaks right for you
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Who Refers to Peaks Recovery?

Building a strong network of healthcare professionals is essential to providing evidence-based treatment.

Although we are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we accept referrals from the Colorado area and across the country. We receive client referrals from an array of professionals, including:

Treatment Placement Specialists
Medical professionals
Private licensed therapists & providers
Behavioral healthcare providers
Family, friends, spouses, self-referrals, and alumni

This overview of referral sources is not a representation of all professional sources we network with. We are always looking to strengthen our professional network to better the services we provide.

Peaks’ Referral Process

When you refer an individual to Peaks Recovery Centers we work closely with you on what we both think is best for their care after receiving the client’s permission. Between your understanding of your client’s history and current needs and our streamlined admissions process and successful treatment program, we can provide each of your clients the very best care.

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