Family Healing

The Importance of Family In Recovery

Peaks’ family recovery program exists to bring restoration to families struggling with addiction. Substance use disorder impacts the entire family system, not just the individual. Many times family and friends are unsure how to support the addiction while caring for themselves at the same time. Our goal at Peaks Recovery is to help the entire family understand the influence of addiction in their family and how to recover together. Everyone affected by addiction deserves to find stability and happiness in their life, and Peaks Recovery desires to help you get there.

Family Program

One-On-One Therapy

Depending on the length of programming, Peaks Recovery prefers for family therapy to take place at least once per month whether in person, by phone, or through a HIPPA compliant online platform. Peaks Recovery also offers a full family workshop available to any family participating in 90 days of treatment.

Weekly Updates

Family members are also updated on patient progress in treatment on a weekly basis by their primary therapist. The goal of these weekly updates is to address treatment progress and support families in creating healthy boundaries, connecting family members with community resources, and more…

Guided Self-Care

Addiction isn’t simply about treating a single person. Our goal is to treat and educate the family system so that the family is equipped to handle recovery obstacles beyond treatment. Our team can help you find Al-Anon, Narc-Anon, and other family support groups in your area. We can also connect you with local therapists in your area.

Let’s Rebuild Together

Peaks Recovery Centers’ can help family members better understand:

Healthy boundaries
Family issues and patterns Codependency
How to develop methods for lasting recovery
Education surrounding the nature of addiction

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Family Program FAQ’s

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