Our Family Program

Our Integrated Family Program

Peaks’ Family Program exists to bring restoration to families struggling with addiction and mental health. Substance use & acute mental health symptoms impact the entire family system, not just the individual. Many times family and friends are unsure how to support the individual while caring for themselves at the same time. Our goal at Peaks Recovery is to help the entire family understand the influence of substance use and mental health disorders in their family and how to recover together. Everyone affected deserves to find stability and happiness in their life, and Peaks Recovery desires to help you get there.

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What is an Integrated Family Program?

Integrated interventions embed family counseling within substance use and mental health disorder treatment, such as ours at Peaks Recovery Centers. The individual struggling participates in family approaches as part of the treatment program. Integrated family counseling can effectively address multiple problems by considering each family member’s issues related to substance misuse or mental health disorder and the effects of each member’s issues on the family system. The integrated framework assumes that, although the individual is struggling, solutions to substance misuse and mental health exist within the family system that will support recovery among all family members.

Family Dynamics We Help

Peaks Recovery Centers can help an array of family dynamics, including but not limited to:

Parents and their adult child who is suffering
Adult children reaching out for their parent
Blended families
Extended family members or close friends
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Reaching Family Recovery With These 6 Principles

Though there are many family-based strategies and techniques, they all share the core principles of working with family systems. Peaks Recovery focuses on these fundamental building blocks to successfully treat individuals and families.

Recognizing the therapeutic value of working with family members

not just the individual with substance use and/or a mental health disorder.

Incorporating a non-blaming, collaborative approach

instead of an authoritative, confrontational approach in which the counselor provides the expertise.

Understanding the importance of adapting counseling techniques

to fit family values, beliefs, needs, and practices of the family’s larger community.

Expanding outcomes measures of “successful” treatment

to include the health and well-being of the entire family and the individual struggling.

Acknowledging the value of relationships within the family & extrafamilial social networks

as critical sources of support and positive reinforcement.

Understanding the complexity of substance use & mental health disorders

and the importance of working with families to manage these disorders, as with any chronic illness that affects family functioning, physical and behavioral health, and well-being.

family program core topics

Our Family Program Core Topics

Engaging family members in a more intensive treatment setting like ours will increase support, and reduce feelings of isolation and shame. Peaks Recovery’s Family Program includes core topics such as:

Understanding the biological, psychological, socio-environmental (biopsychosocial) effects of substance use & mental health disorders
Learning what to expect from our treatment program and the ongoing recovery process of the loved one
Building communication and boundary knowledge and skillsets
Resolving resentments, fears, frustrations, and hopelessness
Grasping the importance of their initial support as well as ongoing support
Building your own recovery & support systems

What To Expect in our Family Program

Clinically Facilitated Family Groups

Our team holds licensed clinical family groups to create a safe place for conversations, interactions, and to dive deeper into our core family program topics.

Individual Family Sessions with a Primary Therapist

Your loved one is matched with one of our primary therapists upon arrival at our treatment facility. Within their residential rehab treatment stay you will be invited to individual sessions that include you and your loved one.

Family Peer Recovery Coach Groups

Alongside the clinically facilitated groups, we provide family group sessions with our very own family peer recovery coach who provides additional insight into family recovery.

what to expect in family program

Meet Some of Our Family Program Team

staff pema

Pema White, MSE, LPC, LAC

Family Services Director

staff ashley

Ashley DeCook, MSW, LCSW

Primary Therapist

prc staff lindsay

Lindsay Moser, MS, LMFT, LAC

Primary Therapist

A Personalized Family Recovery Plan

Considering the Individuals Personal Journey

A comprehensive assessment is one of the most essential components of any treatment program to provide an integrated recovery plan for the individual successfully. Some of the information gathered during the individual assessment is also helpful to understanding current family functioning, such as:

History of the substance or mental health disorders
History of other family member substance or mental health disorders
History of trauma and/or abuse
History of criminal justice involvement
Occupational and work history
And more

Considering the Family’s Journey

In addition to utilizing the individual’s assessment, assessing other family dynamics helps define your family recovery plan. Some of those aspects could include understanding the families:

Coping skills and abilities
Family, social and recovery supports
Motivation and commitments to change
Values and strengths
Spirituality and faith
Personal interests, hopes, dreams, and goals
Cultural and family narratives of resilience
Personal attributes
General skills in daily living

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Our Residential Rehab Program

While you begin your healing, have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in professional and caring hands. Our Residential Rehab Program sets individuals up for long-term recovery.

Highlights of Our Treatment Program

Separate recovery houses for men and women on our 11-acre Colorado Springs Campus
A Biopsychosocial Model of Care within an Integrated Environment
Provides substance use and mental health tracks
Dedicated case managers to prepare for the aftercare plan
And more

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