Episode 68

Is IOP the Best First Step?

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In this episode we discuss how outpatient and intensive outpatient therapy plays a vital role in recovery, though not always is it the best first step. Determining what level of care an individual truly needs is an important decision that needs to be thought through and directional.

Talking Points

  1. Private practice and when someone needs to be directed towards a higher level of care
  2. Why people may chose the path of least resistance first
  3. When is IOP the appropriate level of care?
  4. ASAM connection
  5. 3 vs 5 days a week for IOP
  6. Family engagement


”The foundation of IOP is psychosocial stressors, and being able to manage and navigate psychosocial stressors in real time, in real life, and being able to stay at the level of recovery that you’re looking for. But in order to do that you have to experience those psychosocial stressors so that you can deal with them, hence the exposure piece.” 
– Clinton Nicholson, MA, LPC, LAC

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