Episode 69

The Importance of Work-Life Balance

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What does your work-life balance look like for yourself? In this episode, we dive into a unique conversation about the importance of refining your work-life balance, or for better words, work and wellness balance. We touch on the barriers and opportunities behavioral health professionals experience while finding that balance in walking with those who struggle with mental health and substance use disorders.

Talking Points

  1. Finding the work life balance in Peaks Recovery Centers
  2. Barriers that professionals can run into with not finding that balance
  3. Sprint vs. marathon
  4. Minor course corrections
  5. What if work is the core value?


”In this company, and in this field, we have to rely on eachother for support. Mental health is hard, it is difficult to walk with others pain with them, and to walk with them in those seasons, and then give them back what’s remaining when your done walking with them to be able to take care of yourself.”
– Rebecca Axton

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