Episode 70

Tim Schurrer On The Secret Society of Success

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In this episode, we are privileged to have a special guest, Tim Shurrer, CEO of David Novak Leadership, author of “The Secret Society of Success,” and host of the “Build a Winning Team” podcast. We dive into his book, which examines how to be successful. We often think we have to step into the spotlight or climb the ladder, but his book “The Secret Society of Success” introduces a new way to define success counter to what culture sells. And when you learn to live in this new way, you’ll start to enjoy your work and life again.

Talking Points

  1. What is the Spotlight Mindset?
  2. Tim speaks on what it’s like to work with such successful people
  3. What happens when you step outside of the spotlight
  4. Finding confidence in your role
  5. The Assist
  6. The importance of recognition
  7. Who are you here for?
  8. Learn how to fall


 ”There is one thing I hope people do walking away from this episode, is to start to think about what success is for you.”
– Tim Schurrer

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