Episode 71

A Passionate Recovery Story

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In this episode, we have a very special guest, Eric Woods, a CCA at Peaks Recovery whose approach has impacted many of our client’s lives by providing support throughout the in-between treatment times. He opens up about his inspiring recovery story and how he found his true calling in helping others find their authentic path to recovery.

Talking Points

  1. Eric’s story
  2. How Chris can relate to Eric’s story
  3. How Erik found his calling
  4. What showing up truly means


”Working at Peaks I learned what recovery is. To me, recovery is more than just your addiction. Addiction is just a piece of recovery. When you are in recovery you’re working on your whole life, character defects, the trauma that brought on the addiction, you are working on all of it… Recovery showed me how to look at me.”
– Eric Woods

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