Episode 72

Navigating Toxic Relationships

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In this episode, we have an extraordinary guest, Bre Wolta, a relationship clarity coach who runs her own business called Lucid Living, where she helps women find clarity in their relationships. We dive deep into the harsh realities of toxic relationships and how to navigate yourself out of them.

Talking Points

  1. What inspired Bre’s business ‘Lucid Living’
  2. Common toxic relationship aspects
  3. What it looks like when family or friends get involved
  4. The breaking point
  5. Gaslighting
  6. Working through the trauma from a detrimental toxic relationship
  7. Boundaries
  8. Cutting the Cord & The Empty Chair
  9. Bre’s Curriculum
  10. Touching base on plant based medicine


”Love Bombing is the beginning stage of the relationship, it’s all of the affirmations, the gifts, the sweet words that we’ve never heard before, and it’s intoxicating. So that is the initial phase where you latch on, and then what happens as the relationship progresses is you might start to see some things, warning signs, temper tantrums, things that don’t feel good, you get that gut feeling, and that’s where you start to question yourself and sense of reality.”
– Kate Nelson, MS, LPC, RYT – 200, Clinical Director

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