Episode 83

Responding to a Loved One During a Relapse

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In this episode, our team responds to a viewer’s feedback asking our team about “responding to a loved one during a relapse.” Jason brings his clinical mind to the discussion as Brandon addresses the left-brain reality of a fragile relapse situation. Chris brings to light his past experiences on how loving and supporting a loved one during a relapse can influence the efficacy of finding the track back to their recovery journey.

Talking Points

  1. Addressing a viewers letter
  2. Boundaries during a relapse
  3. Loving somebody in recovery
  4. CRAFT definition and examples
  5. Trauma is an “exposed” raw nerve
  6. Importance of a recovery community
  7. Setting appropriate boundaries in a calm mind


“There is not one person, and I want to be very clear with this, just having a lot of personal and professional experience. There is not one person beating themselves up worse than the person that is out there engaged in this maladaptivity, unfortunately. So I think the more compassion, the more assertive we can be with our values and boundaries with love; I think the person who is suffering can see clearly that they are valued and loved.”
Chris Burns – President and Founder

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