Episode 84

Addressing Veterans, Pain, Mental Health, and Recovery

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In this episode, Brandon and Clinton speak with two special guests, authors Dr. Kerry and Dr. Dustin Brockberg. Their book, “End Your Covert Mission: A Veterans Guide to Fighting Pain and Addiction,” stands as an honest and authentic Manuel for veterans and sheds light on a meaningful discussion surrounding veteran-related issues. Dustin Brockberg shares his experiences as a veteran and the nuances that impacted his adjustment back to civilian life. At the same time, Kerry Brockberg speaks on the psychological aspects met while creating this book. This impactful conversation takes the viewers on a run-through of the most impactful moments in the pages and the most effective steps to transitioning back into civilian life and coping with pain and mental health. To find the Brockberg’s information or to purchase their book, check out their website at https://www.drsbrockberg.com/

Talking Points

  1. Introduction to the Brockberg’s
  2. Addressing myths about going to therapy
  3. The importance of talking
  4. A change in identity
  5. Veteran voices
  6. “Earned” pain
  7. Coping with pain
  8. “ACE”


“Pain is something that I think is helpful to unify us rather than feeling so distant when someone goes through addiction or recovery, mental health, chronic pain. There’s a very significant feeling of being distant within this community.”
– Dr. Kerry Brockberg, Ph.D.

Episode Transcripts