Episode 85

Self-Care During the Holidays

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In this holiday episode, leaders in our clinical team, Jason, Lauren, and Bo, address the often-forgotten aspect of this season, self-care. They share personal stories and how to listen for vulnerability while also shining a light on essential practices to keep grounded in a time of possible high stress. When many focus on those around them, our team shares the importance of intentionally focusing on yourself this holiday season.

Talking Points

  1. Mental health during the Holidays
  2. Personal experience
  3. Loss during the Holidays
  4. Self-care can be small
  5. Finding self-worth
  6. You deserve love
  7. Seasonal Affective Disorder
  8. Showing up for yourself


“Self-care starts internally. Self-care is about self-love. Self-care is about how you talk to yourself. Self-care is removing yourself from unhealthy situations. Self-care is about treating yourself the way you treat your best friend. Would you talk negatively about your best friend?”
– Bonita Wilder, CAS

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