Episode 86

Shifting Into a New Year

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On this New Year’s episode, founder and president Chris brings on Jason and Madelyn Padilla to speak on significant changes and developments at Peaks Recovery Centers in 2023. From a logo refresh to the completion of Trailhead, our state-of-the-art recovery center, our team shares personal feelings toward the company’s growth.

Talking Points

  1. Big changes in 2023
  2. Movement team integration
  3. Significance of “Trailhead”
  4. What is relevant in treatment
  5. Revisiting the pandemic
  6. A warm welcome into the new year


“Anything that we are doing that’s different, it actually is a story, and it’s a message. The message and the story is, good enough is not good enough for us.”
– Madelyn Padilla, Admissions Specialist

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