Episode 87

Movement In Recovery

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 In this episode, Chief Clinical Officer Jason Friesema brings on President Chris Burns and special guest Nicole Gordon, a level 4 CrossFit instructor and Peaks Recovery’s Activity Director. Together they speak on the importance of movement in recovery and the integration of the movement team with our clinical team to create the best outcomes for clients. From sharing knowledge of fitness to expressing personal experiences with how movement improved mental health, our team covers the importance of fitness and how crucial it can be during a recovery journey.

Talking Points

  1. Introduction to Nicole
  2. Expectation vs. Reality, coaching in recovery
  3. Holding space with movement
  4. Integrating clinical with movement
  5. Ten basic tenants of movement
  6. Unweaving trauma with movement
  7. Rebuilding a relationship with your body
  8. Being present in movement


“When you’re coming into inpatient treatment, and we are getting your world quiet, the opportunity for growth and to entrench just a normal movement routine and carry that gem of a gift with you out into your community and be infectious with it, is a really big opportunity here.”
– Chris Burns, President

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