Episode 82

An Autonomous Recovery Story

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On this episode, we have a special guest, Kevin Franciotti, LAC, a Denver-based ketamine psychotherapist and a licensed addiction and mental health counselor with over 15 years of experience in community health, harm reduction, and direct service work. He bravely tells his recovery story and explains the power behind integrating the intentional use of psychedelics within recovery alongside ongoing psychotherapy.

Talking Points

  1. Kevin’s story
  2. Taking a different approach for himself – harm reduction
  3. The power behind simply asking, “How are you doing?”
  4. Kevin’s reverence towards natural-based medicines
  5. The whole experience, opportunity, environment, and autonomy behind Ibogaine help.
  6. Natural medicines need to be congruent with psychotherapy
  7. Recovery with autonomy met with guidelines


”Ibogaine gave me a glimpse of what having had a spiritual awakening could look like if I continued to work the steps. And the spiritual awakening that I ultimately discovered was freedom from the obsession and compulsion to use. Perhaps that’s the weight. This weight being carried is this burden that no matter what I do, I am constantly stressed by using drugs. When I get through that, I can see the humility, what recovery looks like, and share that message of hope with somebody worse off. Ultimately that is why I became a practitioner. I committed myself to service to people like me, who have been wronged by mainstream treatment.”
– Kevin Franciotti, LAC

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