Episode 81

Behind the Care: Crisis Case Management

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On this episode, we have a special guest, Ryan Roy, the President of CCM, Crisis Case Management. CCM, Founded in 2000, is a highly recognized complex behavioral consultancy whose behavioral health specialists have helped families and institutions navigate out of crisis and into long-term wellness. He dives into the experience, compassion, and coordination of CCM’s team and how they empower their client’s unique needs and provide them with the direction and referrals they need.

Talking Points

  1. What is CCM?
  2. The first conversation and approach needed
  3. Maintaining the team
  4. The hardships seen in the behavioral industry
  5. What does a mental health treatment center look like
  6. Roadblocks CCM runs into
  7. Boundaries


”I really see your services in this dichotomous sense, as really community based, to be able to point at these institutions that are appropriate for the care and to have those private pay dollars come in to actually give the family all the of the community resources that are potentially in front of them, which is really powerful. ”
-Brandon Burns, CEO Peaks Recovery Centers

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