Episode 80

Managing Recovery with Dr. Kevin McCauley

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On this very intellectual and inspiring episode, we have a special guest, Dr. Kevin McCauley, a Senior Fellow at The Meadows. He shares how he became interested in the treatment behind substance use disorders while serving as a naval flight surgeon and how it led him to film and direct the two films, “Memo to Self” and “Pleasures Unwoven.” This conversation provides valuable insight into how addiction can be perceived and the interesting concepts, models, and determinants of such complex disorders individuals struggle with.

Talking Points

  1. Dr. Kevin McCauley’s recovery story
  2. The Navy’s Zero Tolerance
  3. When the Choice Model meets the Disease Model
  4. The 4 E Cognition
  5. Does someone have to have trauma or bad experiences to become addicted to alcohol or drugs?
  6. Do the cravings ever go away?
  7. Why the films
  8. We can’t just forget about The Disease Model.


”That’s one of the poignant things about addiction is, that people with addiction are almost accepting of this fate, be it punishment, rejection, death. There’s a Thanatos instinct that takes over. Unfortunately, that is a part of addiction, but also trying to show people that it doesn’t have to be that way. There are ways out of this, there is a good life ahead of you in recovery. ”
-Dr. Kevin McCauley, Meadows Senior Fellow

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