Episode 60

Repairing Families at Peaks Recovery

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How do you heal the family within addiction treatment? In this episode, we connect with Pema White, MSE, CAS, LPC, one of our primary therapists about recovery and how she is continuously building our family program to provide the best support for the surrounded family members of the individuals in our care.

Talking Points

  1. Pema reflects on when she first started at Peaks Recovery
  2. How Pema begins the journey of family recovery
  3. The educational aspects of Peaks Recovery’s Family Program
  4. The Family Workshop Peaks is developing


You can’t just teach a skill, you cant just present something and say good luck. There has to be some integration of it. And that’s where the magic happens. This is where our clients are at most risk for relapse, this is why we have IOP because there needs to be that extra support. But there is also relapse for families. So for families that are learning these skills as well…so the workshops are about the practical aspect, putting it into action, families have had some experience now.”
– Pema White, MSE, CAS, LPC, Primary Therapist

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