Episode 59

Education vs. Experience: What Makes A Great Counselor?

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Join us in the intriguing conversation about how education and experience can play a role in providing effective counseling and the difficult dynamics Peaks faces trying to break the glass ceiling on the standards of care.

Talking Points

  1. Does our system provide new therapists the right toolbox to start provided services right after completing their education?
  2. Compiling education and experience together
  3. The professional and personal growth in agency vs. private practice
  4. Qualities that make a great counselor
  5. CEU (continuing education unit)
  6. A melting pot of philosophies, individuals and modalities who love what they do


“If you go straight into private practice, what your missing are those opportunities to cut your teeth as a therapist and to really learn to what it means to be in the trenches of the kind of clinical world, which is where you get good out of necessity because in the end you become real, you find yourself. You learn how to bring your genuine personality into the room with you so that you don’t show up as a counselor, you show up as a human being.”
-Clinton Nicholson, MA, LPC, LAC, Chief Operations Officer

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