Episode 58

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Chris and Madelyn endeavor down a great conversation about trauma and the deep core concepts that we navigate in order to truly help individuals overcome these hurdles.

Talking Points

  1. A beautiful part of Madelyn’s story
  2. Is it treatment resistant or trauma resilient?
  3. Be curious – Ask all the questions you want during the treatment admissions process
  4. Barriers to treatment


“I couldn’t even see that at the time when I first got into treatment. I was thinking, that if I quit heroin I’m good, then I could move forward with my life. Now I don’t even see those parts of the story. I see the core wounding, I see the shame, I see the abandonment and what that leads to, and I see the cycle perpetuating over and over because I have ingrained this belief that this is my narrative. Drugs are not really a part of that. It helped blunt it a little bit, and it was more of a tool for what was really going on, a coping mechanism.”
– Madelyn Padilla UN, Admissions Specialist

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