Episode 116

Organizational Compliance with Mike Lifshots of Hatch Compliance

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In this special episode, Chris Burns borrows Mike Lifshots of Hatch Compliance to share his valuable insight into all things organizational compliance and processes. Mike and his team at Hatch are industry leaders providing professionals with the tools to thrive as businesses through building processes, ensuring safety compliances through staff and leadership, and so much more! For more information on Mike or Hatch compliances, check out hatchcompliance.com.

Talking Points

  1. Why is compliance so disconnected? (0:58)
  2. Looking into compliance with staff (3:00)
  3. Overview of organizational safety (8:28)
  4. Current issues with outcomes (10:24)
  5. Organizational processes (16:50)
  6. Mike’s story of getting involved with Hatch (22:25)
  7. The process with Hatch Compliance (27:36)
  8. Psychedelic research and regulations (40:00)
  9. Mike’s testimony with psilocybin(43:50)
  10. Closing thoughts (46:25)
  11. Check out hatchcompliance.com (47:39)


“Your outcomes mean nothing if you can’t repeat it or figure out what you need to do differently.”
– Mike Lifshots, Hatch Compliance

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