Episode 117

Organizational Health Through Outcomes Data with Maeve O’Neill

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In this special episode, Chris Burns borrows Maeve O’Neill from Circa Behavioral Health Solutions to talk all things outcomes data! From finding the organizational disconnection to pinpointing crucial leadership pillars, the conversations within this episode are astounding. For more information on Maeve, or Circa Behavioral Health Solutions, check out circabehavioral.com.

Talking Points

  1. Introduction to Maeve (1:30)
  2. Where is the disconnection? (2:51)
  3. Leading causes of burnout (5:30)
  4. Deconstructing the overworked mind (7:15)
  5. We are not well (12:05)
  6. Processes and policies (14:30)
  7. Maeve’s current research (15:30)
  8. Does compliance create complaining? (20:23)
  9. Closing thoughts (22:30)


“If we want clients to be recovering, families have to be in recovery. But I almost think that until we have systems in organizations that are healthy in recovery, we’ll never get that. Why do we think our staff don’t need grief and loss and support? I just don’t think we can expect our clients to be healthier than we are.”
– Maeve O’Neill, Circa Behavioral Health Solutions

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