Episode 115

Deconstructing Stress Medicine with Dr. Van Anrooy & Kayli Meyers

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In this Episode, Chris Burns brings on two incredible professionals, Dr. Sarah Van Anrooy and Kayli Meyers from the Center for Stress Medicine, to share their professional insights and forward-thinking approach to client care. From conversations on gene testing and epigenetic to the impact of COVID-19 on self-care and how to harness stress, this episode offers a plethora of valuable information. For more on Dr. Van Anrooy or Kayli, check out www.centerforstressmed.com

Talking Points

  1. Meet Dr. Van Anrooy and Kayli Meyers (0:15)
  2. What is gene testing? (1:15)
  3. Expectations for the process (4:40)
  4. Covid-19 impact on self-care (12:00)
  5. Is stress important? (14:55)
  6. Debunking myths (20:50)
  7. Kayli’s story (23:55)
  8. Dr. Van Anrooy’s story (25:35)
  9. Epigenetics (30:25)
  10. Final Thoughts (42:00)
  11. Find the Center for Stress Medicine (44:46)


“I do think that is something good that came out of COVID that we actually talk about. People understand more that how you take care of yourself impacts not just your physical health but also your emotional health.” 
– Kayli Meyers, the Center for Stress Medicine

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