Episode 113

Survive to Thrive: With Dr. Jennifer Holcomb

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Chris Burns is back in the host seat this week with our fantastic guest, Dr. Jennifer Holcomb. Together, Chris and Jennifer bring attention to the connection between our heads and our hearts, shining light on the importance of intentional work on both. This episode brings to light many shared issues: associations, disconnections, breath work, and so much more. Please reach out with questions or comments, and for more information on Dr. Jenn, check out Integrative Mind and Body Wellness LLC at www.mindbodywellnessllc.com or email drjenn@mindbodywellnessllc.com

Talking Points

  1. Into to Dr. Jenn (0:30)
  2. Connecting the mind and the body (1:30)
  3. Are we born with disconnection? (5:50)
  4. The Little Things (10:00)
  5. The heart speaks more (14:30)
  6. Associations (16:04)
  7. Breath work (20:34)
  8. Family work (26:05)
  9. Final thoughts (34:20)


“Sometimes people need to talk, and we need to spend a bit of time processing. But once we move through that process, it always starts with the breath.”
– Dr. Jennifer Holcomb

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