Episode 123

Client Care and Community: with Dr. Marissa Prince

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In this episode, Chris Burns invites Peaks Recovery Center’s new Clinical Director, Dr. Marissa Prince, to the show! Dr. Prince shares her incredible journey, both professionally and personally, that led her to Peaks and structures how she approaches life every day. From sharing the value in everyone, what makes the PRC special, and Dr. Prince’s community engagement, this episode holds so much wonderful information and shines a light on our Clinical Director.

Talking Points

  1. Meet Dr. Prince (0:33)
  2. Dr. Prince’s motivation (1:25)
  3. Dr. Prince’s profesional journey (5:30)
  4. Everybody has value (8:25)
  5. Looking into the future with our Clinical Director (10:30)
  6. Forming good boundaries (12:00)
  7. What makes Peaks Recovery Centers special? (15:55)
  8. Dr. Prince’s community engagement (17:35)
  9. Cradle to prison pipeline (18:50)
  10. Closing thoughts (20:30)


“If you treat people like animals, they act like animals. But, if you treat them like humans, they will be humans”. 
– Dr. Marissa Prince

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