Episode 124

Empathetic Healing & Natural Grounding with Amity Cooper

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In this episode, Chris Burns brings Amity Cooper of Wayfinding Counseling, Human Herd Network, and Clinical Career Collective to the show! From hearing Amity’s personal and professional experience getting her to where she is today to the empathic powers and benefits of working with and alongside horses, this episode holds amazing information on rarely focused topics. For more information on Amity, check out amitycooper.com. For more information on Wayfinding Counseling, check out wayfindingpractice.com. For more information on Clinical Career Collective, check out clinicalcareercollective.com.

Talking Points

  1. Introduction to Amity Cooper (0:30)
  2. Getting to know Amity (1:19)
  3. Managing career and personal life (4:10)
  4. Personal responsibility & personal accountability (5:45)
  5. Looking within yourself (7:05)
  6. Getting people to see their own healing (12:50)
  7. Working with horses (16:25)
  8. What is Amity’s WHY (28:40)
  9. Where to find Amity Cooper (30:00)
  10. Final Thoughts (30:35)


“We’re naturally predators, right? But when we are challenged with a traumatic experience, and we don’t have the skills or the ability or know-how to reset ourselves, we live, and we walk among others traumatized”.
-Amity Cooper, Wayfinding Counseling

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