Episode 125

Growth, Change & Disruption with Brandon Burns

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In this episode, Chris Burns brings Brandon Burns back to the show! As our new Executive Director, Brandon brings back his logical and philosophical background to talk about the current state of our industry, problems facing treatment centers, and efficacious plans to prioritize client care above all else. From maladaptive behaviors to plant-based medicine and disrupting the industry, this team of Burns lays out an information-filled and education-focused episode for all to enjoy.

Talking Points

  1. Reintroduction to Brandon Burns (0:28)
  2. Brandon’s recent journey (2:05)
  3. Operating from fear (7:11)
  4. Changes in the industry (9:40)
  5. Plant-based medicine (11:13)
  6. Disrupting the industry (15:10)
  7. Levels of care (21:38)
  8. Impacts of screen time and social media (22:55)
  9. The future of Peaks Recovery Centers (27:51)
  10. Final thoughts (31:56)


“Fear is such an easy place to operate from, because it’s soothing, in a way, to state I know my truth, and its indifferent to the reality that I’m being faced with. But, for the viewers, the impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way”
-Brandon Burns, Executive Director

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