Episode 122

The Key to Healing with Dr. Michael Pierce

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In this episode, Chris Burns invites a very special guest, Dr. Michael Pierce from the Human Condition Podcast as well as Human Condition Lab, to speak on all things healing. Dr. Pierce shares his personal story, industry insight, and professional experience over the past few decades. This episode has ample information on vital topics, from biochemistry and the pharmacological debate to deconstructing the key to healing. For more information on Dr. Michael Pierce, check out the Human Condition Podcast or humanconditionlab.com.

Talking Points

  1. Introduction to Dr. Michael Pierce (0:31)
  2. Dr. Pierce’s reason to help people heal (1:10)
  3. Looking into biochemistry (4:15)
  4. Deep dive into pharmacological medication (12:30)
  5. How to forge change (18:06)
  6. The key to healing (23:00)
  7. The human condition podcast (24:05)
  8. Final thoughts (24:32)
  9. humanconditionlab.com (24:48)


“Most mental health crises really do not require a medical intervention. The history shows that there are a lot of ways that we can mitigate crises, mental health crises, with natural methods”.
– Dr. Michael Pierce

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