Episode 121

Connecting the Mind and Body Through Movement with Tara Woodson

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In this episode, Chris Burns brings Tara Woodson, our Activities Director, to the show to share her knowledge on connecting our minds to our bodies. Tara brings valuable information on how important movement and breath work can be, not only in a time of recovery and chaos but as a general tool for every day! From mindful breath work to client testimonies of feeling safe in their bodies, this episode is a must-listen for a holistic approach to life.

Talking Points

  1. Tara’s yoga journey (1:14)
  2. Connecting the body and the mind (2:30)
  3. Connecting client care with holistic approaches (3:35)
  4. Mindful breath work (4:40)
  5. Leading up to grief week (7:00)
  6. How mindfulness practice can be used in a time of chaos (10:02)
  7. Different approaches to inpatient versus outpatient (13:30)
  8. The other movement through peaks (18:43)
  9. Tara’s WHY (21:15)
  10. Final thoughts (22:10)


“We tend to go so fast that we don’t notice these signals that our bodies are giving us all the time. A lot of times, we’ll get to a level 10 when really we’ve been having these body sensations that we just missed because we are so disassociated”.
– Tara Woodson, Activities Director

Episode Transcripts