Episode 120

Taming Trauma One Step at a Time with the Journey Inward Team

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In this episode, Chris Burns sits with Tripp, Dawnya, and Jory from Journey Inward to share an insightful conversation about the importance of family programming alongside a client, the value of a sacred union, and the true power of honest conversation. This episode is full of useful information, powerful testimonies, and honest, authentic conversation. To learn more about the Journey Inward team or what they are working on, check out thejourneyinward.us

Talking Points

  1. Meet Tripp Gebhard (1:10)
  2. Meet Dawnya Gebhard (4:25)
  3. Meet Jory Payne (5:30)
  4. Family programming alongside the client (7:30)
  5. The importance of conversation (10:20)
  6. Family mission statement (11:31)
  7. Dive into the Journey Inward Team (15:00)
  8. Looking into trauma yoga (18:12)
  9. Redefining relationships as sacred unions (21:16)


“It’s been my experience that when the family gets into their recovery, alongside their loved one or their person, it’s not if, it’s when it will be successful.”
– Chris Burns, Founder & CEO

Episode Transcripts