Episode 108

Catching Up with KK Fearless

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In this episode, Chris Burns brings Jason Friesema to welcome back our returning special guest, KK Fearless! Brooke Perez, founder and President of KK Fearless, sits down with our team and her mom, Melinda Jackson, to speak on their experiences leading up to the creation of KK Fearless, share respect and memories for the ones they have lost, as well as advocating for Bothe the individuals in recovery and their families.

Talking Points

  1. Introduction to KK Fearless
  2. Separating the struggle from the person
  3. The heart behind KK Fearless
  4. Getting to know Kristal and Kevin
  5. Witnessing the suffering of addiction
  6. Leaving shame behind


“It has a lot to do with not giving up on them and not seeing that side of them because you know better and you know more. You know that they are more than that, and you shouldn’t give up on that.”
– Brooke Perez – KK Fearless.

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