Episode 107

The Journey to Becoming a Heroic Parent

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In this episode, Chris Burns brings Jason Friesema to welcome back Lisa Smith, certified family recovery coach, to speak on parenting in recovery as well as the journey to becoming a heroic parent. Our team shares personal stories in their own journey of parenthood and explains how important healthy family dynamics are for family systems no matter the situation.

Talking Points

  1. Introduction to the heroic parent
  2. Parenting turning points
  3. Being relational with your children
  4. Parenting struggles
  5. Owning your shame
  6. Closing thoughts


“The more you invest in the relationship with your kids, the more delightful it is to be with them. It becomes more and more fun. And even if you go through seasons where they’re less fun to be around, there is still that bond and moments of delight where you really enjoy them. And that makes hard conversations easier.”
– Jason Friesema, Chief Clinical Officer.

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