Episode 106

Nowhere to Run with Montee Ball

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In this episode, Jason Friesema brings Chris Burns onto the show to speak with our special guest, Montee Ball, former Denver Broncos running back and the University of Wisconsin, hall of fame player. Montee shares his experience playing football at a professional level as well as the dark side of fame that comes from success. Montee shares vulnerability with his struggles with addiction and provides moments in his life that he considers “the basement” of his rock bottom and what he did to make his way back. Montee is a beacon of hope for athletes in recovery and many recovery communities. Find Montee’s book, “Nowhere to Run,” on Amazon for more information.

Talking Points

  1. Introduction to Montee
  2. Mentee’s college career
  3. The slippery slope with alcohol
  4. Awareness for athletes struggling
  5. The power of manifestation
  6. Climbing up from rock bottom
  7. Nowhere to Run by Montee Ball


“I know for a fact, and strongly believe, that I was given that stage to speak on something way greater than myself. Something that every single human on the face of this planet is either indirectly or directly impacted by, whether it’s themselves or someone they love. And that’s my mission. Period. 32 years old, and until the day I’m in the ground, this will be my mission.” 
– Montee Ball

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