Episode 112

EMDR: Facing Trauma and Forging Change

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Jason Friesema sits with Madeline Frey, our clinical operations and compliance specialist, to speak on a crucial topic: trauma and EMDR therapy. Through sharing personal experiences practicing EMDR and even personal success stories. This is an important topic for us to shine a light on, and we welcome all questions and comments!

Talking Points

  1. Intro to Maddie (0:25)
  2. What is trauma (1:00)
  3. What is body offline (1:55)
  4. Big ’T’ trauma (6:42)
  5. Humans are built to survive (10:50)
  6. EMDR (15:10)
  7. Jasons EMDR story (19:40)
  8. Bilateral stimulation (25:15)
  9. Final thoughts (32:05)


“Your brain comes to some conclusion, and it has its mind made up about something, but your body is telling a whole different story. When your brain and your body aren’t telling the same story, that’s how I identify trauma.”
-Madeline Frey, clinical operations and compliance specialist.

Episode Transcripts