Episode 111

Acudetox: From Pain to Peace

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Jason Friesema sits with Rebecca Aston, Clinical Supervisor and AcuDetox Specialist, to speak on one of the more unique treatment modalities offered at Peaks, AcuDetox. Explaining this modality, providing insightful practical uses, and dispelling common misconceptions, our team takes the time to share this practice with our viewers. For more information on NADA, check out acudetox.com.

Talking Points

  1. What is Acudetox (1:00)
  2. National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (2:05)
  3. Does Acudetox hurt? (4:33)
  4. Acudetox expectations (5:58)
  5. Auricular therapy (9:58)
  6. Acudetox impacts on depression and anxiety (10:41)
  7. Response to skeptical thoughts (13:00)
  8. How did this modality begin? (14:26)
  9. The future of Acudetox (18:30)


“By stimulating that sympathetic nerve, it really does relax that fight or flight or freeze modality where somebody gets anxious, so it creates a place of calmness and relaxation.”
-Rebecca Aston, Clinical Supervisor and Acudetox Specialist.

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