Signs of a Sex Addiction

Sex is a healthy and important part of life, but like many other behaviors, sex can become addictive. It’s thought that as many as 1 in 10 men have a sex addiction, but it’s difficult to know the exact number of people who have a sex addiction, due to a lack of research on the subject.

Like other forms of process addictions, people with a sex addiction can find themselves feeling a compulsion to engage in sexual activity, usually impacting their relationships and responsibilities. Seeking help for a sex addiction is important to help a person overcome their addiction and enjoy a healthier relationship with sex going forward.

Learn more about the signs of a sex addiction and the treatments available with Peaks Recovery. 

What is a Sex Addiction?

Sex addicts aren’t simply people who enjoy, or engage in a lot of sex. Sex addicts tend to be consumed by sexual thoughts and the desire to engage in sexual activities with no impulse control. This behavior can become dangerous, putting the individual at risk, while also causing problems for their relationships, work, school and mental health.

Like other forms of addiction, sex addictions stem from a need to experience a high, caused by the dopamine that is released during a thrilling or enjoyable activity. The constant need to experience this feeling means those with a sex addiction can become obsessed with sex, taking over different aspects of their lives to the point where it has a negative impact on other areas of their lives.

What are the Signs of Symptoms of a Sex Addiction?

The signs and symptoms of a sex addiction will vary from person to person. Some of them may be difficult to spot, with individuals looking for ways to conceal their actions from others. But some of the most common signs of a sex addiction include:

  • Become obsessed with sex, often fantasizing about different sexual activities and engaging in different types of sexual behavior.
  • Masturbating frequently or obsessively.
  • Some sex addicts may become obsessed with porn, watching it regularly and engaging in different sexual activities at the same time.
  • Becoming preoccupied with finding the next sexual encounter.
  • Displaying reckless behavior in a bid to achieve a high, which could involve dangerous or violent behaviors, as well as putting your sexual health at risk
  • Being unable to control your urges or behavior, which can damage your relationships, career, health and even your finances.

Sexual addiction can come at the same time as other forms of addiction, and the activities that sex addicts engage in can vary from person to person depending on their preferences and interests.

How to Help Someone with a Sex Addiction

If you’re concerned that you or a loved one are showing signs of a sex addiction, it’s important to get help as soon as possible. As with any other addiction, it’s important not to place blame, as there are emotional and psychological factors at bay. Providing support and showing them where they can get professional help can help them begin their journey to recovery, despite how uncomfortable it may be to discuss this particular type of addiction.

Types of Treatment For a Sex Addiction

Treatment for sex addiction varies, but there are both inpatient and day programs available to help provide the right level of support for individuals. Each client treated is unique, and a personalized treatment program can help ensure they get the help they need.

Understanding the causes behind the behavior will help a client address any other underlying issues, while clients are also taught how to manage their condition to find positive ways forward. There is ongoing support available to help ensure clients continue on the path to recovery.

Sex Addiction Treatment at Peaks Recovery

At Peaks Recovery, we specialize in providing professional, effective support for those with sex addictions, as well as other types of addiction. We provide tailored treatment programs to help ensure the best outcome for clients, managed in a safe and welcoming environment.

If you think that you or someone you love could be suffering from a sex addiction, Peaks Recovery is here to help. Take a closer look at our mental health treatments or contact our team for more information. With our help, we can help individuals experiencing addictions overcome them and move forward with their lives. 

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