Episode 109

Sex Addiction: Myths and Truths

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Jason Friesema sits with Zach LeFever to discuss process addictions, such as sex addiction, and the adverse relationships that can follow. Defining sex addiction, discussing process addictions, and addressing pornography, this conversation shines a light on essential topics often silenced. Listen in as our team opens the floor to this discussion, and reach out with comments or questions.

Talking Points

  1. What is sex addiction (1:30)
  2. How to talk about process addictions (4:30)
  3. Three concentric circles (5:35)
  4. What does sex addiction look like (8:25)
  5. Inverse relationships caused by process addictions (10:40)
  6. Addressing pornography (12:05)
  7. Treating sex addiction at PRC (13:55)
  8. The kingdom metaphor (18:00)
  9. Intimacy with self (21:35)
  10. Final thoughts (22:45)


“When we think about what makes a really good intimate relationship, whether it’s a marriage or a friendship, it’s the risk of, ‘what if this goes wrong,’ and being able to work through that. But pornography removes that risk and says, ‘You just get the feel-good stuff, and you’re by yourself, and so you get to control what’s happening.’ There’s no challenge there.”
-Zach LeFever, Primary Therapist.

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