Episode 110

Exploring Internal Family Systems

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Jason Friesema sits with Shaina Crisp and Samantha Powell to discuss Internal Family Systems: Defining IFS, looking into the “parts,” and how to know if this therapy is right for you. Our team brings knowledge and experience to speak on a therapeutic modality not often spoken about.

Talking Points

  1. What is Internal Family Systems (0:35)
  2. What are the “Parts” (2:07)
  3. What causes the parts to split (4:15)
  4. What is the goal of IFS (5:25)
  5. Building relationships with a part (9:10)
  6. Timeline of IFS therapy (15:35)
  7. How to know if IFS is right for you (18:10)


“We are born with our core self intact, but then the more we go throughout life and the more we experience trauma, the more the parts come into the system and take over as needed. So, the idea is that we want to get back to our true self and have that shine through in every interaction we can.”
-Shaina Crisp, Primary Therapist.

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