behind the care

Episode 81 – Behind the Care: Crisis Case Management

On this episode, we have a special guest, Ryan Roy, the President of CCM, Crisis Case Management. CCM, Founded in 2000, is a highly recognized complex behavioral consultancy whose behavioral health specialists have helped families and institutions navigate out of crisis and into long-term wellness. He dives into the experience, compassion, and coordination of CCM’s team and how they empower their client’s unique needs and provide them with the direction and referrals they need.

Episode 78: Forward Thinking Treatment Modalities

On this forward-thinking episode, we have multiple special guests, Dana Lerman, MD & Scott Bienenfeld, MD, co-owners and founders of Skylight Psychedelics, Social Worker & Journalist Joe Schrank, as well as Clinician Kevin Franciotti, LAC. We highlight the evidence-based yet controversial treatment modalities of ketamine, psychedelics, and plant-based medicines and the potential these new modern interventions hold. The current mental health and addiction treatment landscape is not moving the dial on these saddening epidemics. Though, with conversations like these and widening our scope of new medicalized frameworks, we can begin to truly help more individuals lead intentional lives and expand our nation’s well-being.

Episode 76: Behind the Care: Bettering Behavioral Health Treatment

In this Behind the Care episode, we have a unique guest, Jonathan De Carlo, the CEO of C4 Consulting, who discusses specific challenges behavioral health companies face. We dive into how C4 dedicates its practice to growing and sustaining organizations that work in behavioral health management, addiction, and mental health treatment to provide quality care to the people providers serve.