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Episode 117

Episode 117: Organizational Health Through Outcomes Data with Maeve O’Neill

In this special episode, Chris Burns borrows Maeve O’Neill from Circa Behavioral Health Solutions to talk all things outcomes data! From finding the organizational disconnection to pinpointing crucial leadership pillars, the conversations within this episode are astounding. For more information on Maeve, or Circa Behavioral Health Solutions, check out

Episode 116

Episode 116: Organizational Compliance with Mike Lifshots of Hatch Compliance

In this special episode, Chris Burns borrows Mike Lifshots of Hatch Compliance to share his valuable insight into all things organizational compliance and processes. Mike and his team at Hatch are industry leaders providing professionals with the tools to thrive as businesses through building processes, ensuring safety compliances through staff and leadership, and so much more! For more information on Mike or Hatch compliances, check out

Episode 104

Episode 104: Understanding Psychedelics and Natural Medicine

In this episode, Brandon Burns brings on special guest Ismail Ali, JD, Director of Policy and Advocacy at MAPS, to speak on natural medicine and the use of psychedelics throughout history. Ismail shares observations regarding the legalization of natural medicine as well as what it truly means to have decriminalized substances being used in medical settings. This episode welcomes a debate over a prevalent topic to share knowledge, spark curiosity, or bring general awareness to the situation. To learn more about MAPS, check out

Episode 102

Episode 102: Emotional Transformation Therapy with Coastwise Counseling

In this episode, Jason Friesema brings Chris Burns on to welcome our special guest, Steve Taus, with Coastwise Counseling Center. Steve brings the concept of Emotional Transformative Therapy to the show, explaining the modality’s uses, benefits, and successes and opening a deeper discussion into plant-based medicine in treatment. This episode is packed with information and energy as our team shares thoughts and open discussions with Steve Taus. To find more information on Steve and Coastwise Counseling, check out

Episode 100

Episode 100: Revisiting Our Top Moments Pt. 1

Our team celebrates Finding Peak’s 100th episode! In celebration of this special episode, Brandon Burns brings on Chief Operations Officer Clinton Nicholson and Clinical Director Lauren Atencio to review and reflect on noteworthy moments over the past 100 episodes. From visiting trauma and touching on mental health approaches to the future of Peaks Recovery Centers and the industry, our team brings insightful and thoughtful commentary to continue pushing the industry in a positive direction.

Episode 97

Episode 97: Exploring Sober Living and Industry Evolution

In this episode, Chris Burns brings on two professionals in the industry; Bryce Givens, founder of Elevate Recovery Homes, and Kyle Vandongen, founder of Sopherson Sober Living. Together they share their “why”, purpose, passion, and mission in their recovery journey and what brought them to this point. Kyle shares personal experiences from his time at Peaks Recovery Centers and how they shape him today.

Episode 96

Episode 96: The Key to Leadership Success

In this episode, Brandon Burns brings Jason Friesema on the show to speak with Maeve O’Neill on Dare to Lead and how crucial proper leadership can be in a professional work setting. Maeve shares insight into leadership’s most important aspects and how to properly introduce them into the work environment, While Brandon and Jason explain how these tenants have been implemented within Peaks Recovery Centers.

Episode 93

Episode 93: Peaks’ First Recovery Story

In this episode, Chris Burns brings on the first-ever graduate of Peaks Recovery Centers, Nik Darrah, who is in his 8th year of long-term recovery and still working in the industry. Chris and Nik reminisce on their meeting, what led Nik to Peaks, and how his treatment stay at Peaks set him up for a future of success. Nik shares vulnerable moments that shaped him into who he is today and brings the audience into his recovery journey.

Episode 92

Episode 92: Debriefing the 2023 Winter Symposium

In this episode, Jason Friesema brings Lauren Atencio and Samantha Archuleta back to revisit their experiences at the 2023 Winter Symposium and share insights into how the information can help disrupt our industry and pave the way for brighter client outcomes. Through sharing experiences and takeaways from speeches to debating how to best integrate the information into the industry, our team brings an educational conversation to the show.

Episode 81 – Behind the Care: Crisis Case Management

On this episode, we have a special guest, Ryan Roy, the President of CCM, Crisis Case Management. CCM, Founded in 2000, is a highly recognized complex behavioral consultancy whose behavioral health specialists have helped families and institutions navigate out of crisis and into long-term wellness. He dives into the experience, compassion, and coordination of CCM’s team and how they empower their client’s unique needs and provide them with the direction and referrals they need.

Episode 78: Forward Thinking Treatment Modalities

On this forward-thinking episode, we have multiple special guests, Dana Lerman, MD & Scott Bienenfeld, MD, co-owners and founders of Skylight Psychedelics, Social Worker & Journalist Joe Schrank, as well as Clinician Kevin Franciotti, LAC. We highlight the evidence-based yet controversial treatment modalities of ketamine, psychedelics, and plant-based medicines and the potential these new modern interventions hold. The current mental health and addiction treatment landscape is not moving the dial on these saddening epidemics. Though, with conversations like these and widening our scope of new medicalized frameworks, we can begin to truly help more individuals lead intentional lives and expand our nation’s well-being.

Episode 76: Behind the Care: Bettering Behavioral Health Treatment

In this Behind the Care episode, we have a unique guest, Jonathan De Carlo, the CEO of C4 Consulting, who discusses specific challenges behavioral health companies face. We dive into how C4 dedicates its practice to growing and sustaining organizations that work in behavioral health management, addiction, and mental health treatment to provide quality care to the people providers serve.