Episode 102

Emotional Transformation Therapy with Coastwise Counseling

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In this episode, Jason Friesema brings Chris Burns on to welcome our special guest, Steve Taus, with Coastwise Counseling Center. Steve brings the concept of Emotional Transformative Therapy to the show, explaining the modality’s uses, benefits, and successes and opening a deeper discussion into plant-based medicine in treatment. This episode is packed with information and energy as our team shares thoughts and open discussions with Steve Taus. To find more information on Steve and Coastwise Counseling, check out coastwisecounselingcenter.com

Talking Points

  1. Introduction to Coastwise Counseling
  2. What is Emotional Transformation Therapy
  3. The use of light in treatment
  4. The four approaches to light and color treatment
  5. Ketamine assisted therapy
  6. Plant-based medicine
  7. Final thoughts


“Nature wants to do that. It wants to be harmonious, it wants to prepare, and it wants to make things better. Our brain is the same way. Once the brain understands a better way to do something, it will always want to do it that way. That’s just the nature of things.” 
– Steve Taus, Coastwise Counseling

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