Episode 103

Exploring Aftercare, IOP, and Alumni

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In this episode, Chris Burns brings Matt Marchand, Alumni Coordinator, back on the show to discuss aftercare, alumni, and transitioning after treatment. Matt shares insights from his time as a peer recovery coach and how he uses those experiences as a way to help clients through the aftercare process.

Talking Points

  1. A brief look into Aftercare
  2. Transitioning after residential treatment
  3. The difference in approach to client and family
  4. The difference in Alumni approach now
  5. Final thoughts


“Life is hard, and we go back into it. We still have jobs, and we still have families, and we still have all these other things, and sometimes we forget about ourselves. And especially in the alums. And Peaks will not forget about you, and you shouldn’t forget about yourself. ”
– Matt Marchand, Alumni Coordinator.

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