Episode 104

Understanding Psychedelics and Natural Medicine

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In this episode, Brandon Burns brings on special guest Ismail Ali, JD, Director of Policy and Advocacy at MAPS, to speak on natural medicine and the use of psychedelics throughout history. Ismail shares observations regarding the legalization of natural medicine as well as what it truly means to have decriminalized substances being used in medical settings. This episode welcomes a debate over a prevalent topic to share knowledge, spark curiosity, or bring general awareness to the situation. To learn more about MAPS, check out maps.org

Talking Points

  1. Introduction to Ismail
  2. Integrating traditional with untraditional medical treatment
  3. Looking into risk and harm
  4. Misinformation and a time for education
  5. Regulated vs. unregulated systems
  6. Addressing concerns of the growing movement
  7. Closing thoughts


“Psychedelics is so much more about giving people the inspiration and direction to do things themselves, which is part of why I think when they are effective for, let’s say, dealing with substance use disorders or other kinds of treatments, when they do have those benefits. Often it’s not because the thing like the drug itself kind of by itself, like change is a significant thing.”
– Ismail Ali, JD / Director of Policy and Advocacy, MAPS

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